Full services and lubes available.

The best way to maintain your car so you can keep it reliable and maintain its value, is to service it at least once a year or every 10,000 kms, whichever comes first. A full service usually consists of:

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Due to our very close alliance with GT Radials, we can offer you the best possible tyres at the best possible price. GT Radials are high performance tyres, designed for the modern vehicle. We fit these same tyres to our cars, and our families' cars. Quite simply, what better advertising do you want than that?



Most people are aware that these can be costly if they break, sometimes causing horrific engine damage. The usual rule of thumb is that they should be replaced every 8 years or 100,000 kms, but for some cars it is shorter than this, so it pays to check. If you are unsure, feel free to call our team, and we will advise what the manufacturer says is the CORRECT time to replace.



Clutches in cars are starting to become less seen now as more and more people are buying autos, especially as these become more reliable and becasue thats mainly what gets imported in from overseas! But they are still widely in use in commercial vehicles, so we still get to do them on a regular basis! With our many years of experience, we have found that it pays to do it once, do it right.

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Cooling Systems

This is the lifeblood of your car. Sadly, it can also be the most neglected part of many cars. With a poorly maintained cooling system, you can end up spending thousands trying to get your car to keep cool and run efficiently. We try and encourage our customers to keep the antifreeze in thier engines well maintained and refreshed. In modern engines, if you do this and change your oil, the engine will probably outlast the body of the car! Sadly, most of the major engine work we do is because this vital part has been overlooked.


All Mechanical Repairs

As well as the above, we take care of everything else that your investment needs. Air conditioning, stereos, auto electrical work, starters and alternators, batteries, tyres. We really are the one stop shop and if we can't do it, we wioll organise someone else to do it for you - saving you time and avoiding the hassle!!


Tune Ups

A tune-up may be necesary if the car has a misfire or is running rough or using excessive amounts of fuel. These can be a little more difficult to diagnose than just throwing parts at your car and hoping this will fix the problem like some mechanics do! What we would do is:

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Brake noises can be very frustrating at times. Most of us have taken a noisy car into a workshop at some time to find the problem mysteriously disappeared the moment we drove in.....Or you may have just failed your WOF due to a brake imbalance or low brake pads.

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Truck and Fleet Servicing

We are your Point Chevalier truck experts! We have vast experience in truck repairs, specialising in Japanese trucks. Our specially designed workshop was built truck specific, with large doors and easy access for even the biggest units. We have all the equipment to carry out regular servicing, brakes, clutches, engine repairs and overhauls.

Moreover, because we have done a heap of medium sized truck servicing over the years, we have built up a collection of all those incidental, but important tools to do the job quicker and more cost effectively.

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Warrant Of Fitness (WOF)

What competent workshop wouldn't be complete without being able to do WOF's? We have three inspectors all fully WOF certified, waiting to make sure your car is safe. We are fully certified by Land Transport NZ for the issue of WOFs and are proud to be identified as the Pt Chevalier Testing Station.

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