Our Mission: "To be the best we can in all that we do."

It's that simple.

The team at Mechanix are here to look after you. We guarantee everything we do 100% and will do whatever it takes to get the job done properly.

Mechanix is proud to be a member of Auto Super Shoppes, a nationwide organisation that offers a higher level of expertise and commitment to looking after your automotive needs. As an Auto Super Shoppe member, you are guaranteed the highest level of service. (See www.supershoppes.co.nz)

paulnPaul Nielson

Workshop Manager. Director. Chief. Head Honcho. El Kapitan. Or simply, the lead dog! Paul has owned and operated his own workshop for the past 15 years. Prior to that he managed various workshops in the Auckland area. His early career included time in the parts business so he knows where to source the best parts at the very best prices! Paul may not look like James Bond, (you noticed huh?), but he is darn good at what he does. His passion for vehicles extends to his spare time where he finds great delight in screaming along tiny gravel roads in a rally car. (Call it a 'Licence to Thrill' perhaps?) Married to the lovely Carolyn, with son Matthew and now young baby brother Craig also in the mix! Sleep? Who needs it huh? They are good boys in reality, well behaved and fine looking young lads.. (must be mum's genes? You be the judge!)

Mortimer Heaven (aka 'Mort') has joined us to give us a hand. Mort is already an experienced hand and is just finishing off the last stages of his apprenticeship. He has a big brain and enjoys getting into the more technical stuff that leaves the rest of us scratching our heads.

John John

John is a very experienced and senior mechanic with many years in the trade. He brings a strong work ethic and good diagnostic skills to complement the team. Not one to blow his own trumpet, John is a quiet performer who delivers the goods over and over and can always be relied upon to step up when the going gets tough. Thanks John, always appreciated!

When we untie his shackles and let him have his life back, John enjoys riding quad bikes or spending time with his son. John has such an easy going manner we think he must take out his aggression on the quad bikes - as long as he takes care cos those things can be dangerous!


We are very pleased to welcome Karl to the team. Karl brings a stack of experience with him and we look forward to working with him... A family man with, count 'em, 1,2,3,4 kids, he really looks forward to coming to work each day!....


Paul Robinson

The 'non-mechanic' in the team. Paul has owned and operated workshops for the past 20 years in West Auckland. He is the poor schmuck who has to deal with the mass of paperwork generated by the hard working mechanics. When not stuck behind the desk he escapes to his other job, flying a rescue helicopter down at Mechanics Bay. Kind of lets him keep an eye on things from above... To keep with the 'kids theme', Paul has twin girls who are growing up too quickly. And of course, we should mention his wife Angela who gets to help with the cleaning when not working as a nurse at Auckland Hospital. (Her patients make less mess than the 4 grubby mechanics...)