Brake noises can be very frustrating at times. Most of us have taken a noisy car into a workshop at some time to find the problem mysteriously disappeared the moment we drove in.....Or you may have just failed your WOF due to a brake imbalance or low brake pads.

Here at Mechanix we don't like to take chances with brakes as it is your life at risk if they don't work! Some other shops may offer cheap solutions using cheap brake pads, cutting corners, not bleeding the old fluid out of your brake lines etc. We prefer to do the job properly and keep you on the road! Keeping your car going is important, but keeping it "stopping" is arguably more important!! We recommend Bendix brake pads, made in Australia, and we do the job properly by machining worn brake discs and bleeding the whole system so that you have no contaminated fluids in your brake lines. Want to know more about how your brakes work?